About Us

About the Company

e3 Toronto is a community based business that focuses on improving the communication skills of youth. Working with our students, they refine existing skills and develop new skills by providing a safe, fun, and respectful learning environment. The youth gain the confidence and skills that enable them to achieve more success academically, socially, and professionally.

In addition to helping individuals achieve success, e3 Toronto believes in the need to help improve our communities. Our students participate in showcase events with community leaders and they spread their own ideas. Additionally, e3 Toronto partners with other youth groups that share our passion for making this a better place for all to live.


The mission of e3 Toronto is to help youth improve their public speaking and communication skills. Through working with students to ELEVATE existing skills, students will become ELOQUENT speakers who can persuade and inspire others while being EMPOWERED to speak with confidence and passion.

About e3 Toronto’s Program

It starts with creating an environment that allows our students to be themselves and feel safe while trying new things and learning new skills. Every classroom, whether it is online or in-person provides every student a safe and respectful classroom. e3 Toronto has a variety of engaging, fun, and varied classes and workshops that help our students develop their skills.

Our program challenges our youth by providing them the opportunity to put their skills into immediate practice through delivering presentations and showcasing their skills in events and competitions. Whether it is pitching ideas to local community leaders or inspiring a local City Mayor to bring about change, our students have fun demonstrating their new skills and confidence.

e3 Toronto’s program wants to help parents see their child’s growth and development. Instead of grading, frequent assessments identify each student’s progress and regular communication with parents allows for open dialogue. Small class sizes allow for individual student feedback and the opportunity for each student to practice their communication skills

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