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About the Company

e3 Toronto is a community based business that help others find their voice. We help others to develop their communication skills and become confident engaging speakers so that they can succeed personally, academically, and professionally.

e3 Toronto is a community business that believes in giving back to the community.  We partner with youth groups, schools, adults and other community groups to help elevate their public speaking acumen. 


The mission of e3 Toronto is to elevate people’s confidence while empowering them to engage in the process of finding their voice while becoming eloquent speakers and leaders.

About Our Program

We offer exciting classes and seminars both online and in-person that allow everyone to develop in a safe and nurturing environment while uncovering their voice. Being able to share knowledge and experiences through words, diction, and vocabulary requires a special set of tangible skills.

Our program offers individuals real life opportunities to showcase their public speaking and online engagement skills both within their community and abroad.

Our youth programs are focused on helping youth learn the mechanics of how to inspire and persuade, where speaking skills are required in life, and developing the confidence to use their voice that gets uncovered.

Our adult programs are focused on helping adults develop confidence in their voice to succeed in both personal and professional situations.

About our Facilitator 

Stephen Elliot is our co-Founder and facilitator.  Stephen is the proud father of two boys and lives in Mississauga.  Stephen has attended University of Toronto Ontario Institute for Study of Education (OISE) where he studied the Adult Learning principles.  Stephen is a passionate skilled member of Toastmasters International and he has developed the educational program from his deep knowledge has gained as a Toastmaster and as a leader of professional teams in his career. Our classrooms are safe, fun learning environments where students and clients can practice and learn effective communication skills.  Much of Stephen’s professional life was spent as a retail leader working for such companies as Starbucks, Nordstrom, and Petsmart.  

Public Speaking is no Longer a Soft Skill

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