• Adult Programs

Available Programs

Programs are available for adults and can be tailored to your individual requirements. Programs can be private, semi-private, or workshop/classroom setting. Currently due to COVID-19, all our programs are being offered virtually but in-person formats will resume when possible.

Email us to register: e3toronto@gmail.com

Adult Programs

Think Fast, Speak Eloquently

  • Learn how to think quickly and eloquently
  • Learn how to prepare for Networking events
  • Learn different techniques to communicate your 30-second elevator pitch

Coming Soon

  • Interview Skills
  • Finding My Voice

Communicating with Zoom and other Online Tools

  • For those new to the online world (Level 1)
  • Learn how communicating online can be your friend instead of your enemy
  • Learn how to engage more effectively with your audience in the virtual world (Level 2)

Communicating Concisely

  • Learn how to communicate your message in fewer words
  • Learn how vocal variety and body language can influence your message
  • Learn how visual aids can enhance your message

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