• Public Speaking Tips

Do you fear making that important presentation or having to make small talk in a room of strangers? Does having to answer questions in business meetings or interviews scare you? Check this page weekly for Steve’s Public Speaking Tips for suggestions to help you grow as a public speaker. These tips are suitable for both youth and adults.

Speaking on Video

Downloadable Tip Sheets

Speech Writing

  • Present ideas in groups of 3
  • Include notes to yourself on what you want to do for vocal variety and body language
  • Use as much descriptive language as possible to help your audience visualize the speech

Interview/Networking Preparation

  • Make a list of all your achievements and what skill(s) they showcase
  • Research the company
  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable

Making Presentations

  • Engage everyone in room, not just the meeting chair/manager/teacher
  • Smile
  • Add vocal emphasis of key phrases
  • Avoid reading slides, keep slides to using short bullet points only

Tips Coming soon

  • Adding humour
  • Getting over the butterflies
  • Finding Speech Ideas
  • Engaging the Audience
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