• Youth Programs

Programs are available for all ages and can be tailored to your group, school, or company’s individual requirements. Programs can be private, semi-private, or workshop/classroom setting. Currently due to COVID-19, all our programs are being offered virtually but in-person formats will resume when possible.

Classes are 12 week programs, Workshops are 8 week programs, and Camps are 1 week programs.

Winter Youth Programs


Emerging Speakers – Level 1

This is an introductory set of classes.  Perfect for the younger speaker (ages 8-10) and for older speakers looking to learn the basics of public speaking.

  • Speech Construction…introductions, body and conclusion
  • Speaking to Inform Skills…students will file News Reports and learn the importance of Who, What, Where, When, and How?
  • Impromptu Speaking skills (off the top), learning how to have an introduction, body and conclusion. Answering teacher questions, school interviews, etc.
  • Vocabulary skills will be covered. How to transition from point to point effectively
  • Students will present an informative speech as a final project

Engaging Speakers – Level 2

This set of classes is perfect for the older student (ages 11-15) and advanced younger speakers.  This class builds on the content in Emerging Speakers.

  • How to engage an audience with effective speech introductions
  • Techniques to involve your audience in the presentation
  • How to use vocal variety to engage your audience
  • Impromptu Speaking skills (off the top) answering more complex questions.  Developing triads within responses
  • Vocabulary skills will be covered. How to use descriptive language to have your audience more engaged with your content
  • Students will present a scary story that uses descriptive language and vocal variety to create tension and suspense

Empowering Speakers – Level 3

This set of classes is for students who have taken Engaging Speakers. The students will learn the art of persuasion and how to sell themselves and their ideas.

  • How to persuade within a speech
  • Techniques to present with confidence
  • Group presentation skills will be developed in this class
  • How to sell a product or service to an audience
  • Vocabulary skills will be covered. How to select the right words to project confidence and authority
  • Students will pitch a business to local community leaders (think Shark Tank, Dragon’s Den)

Exciting Speakers – Level 4

This set of classes is for students who have taken Level 2 and 3, or students who have extensive experience with public speaking and advanced speaking skills. The students will learn the art of story telling and finding their narrative. 

  • How to find relevant stories to fit your speech theme
  • The art of story telling, use of voice, and the use of pauses will be explored in detail
  • How to inject humour into a speech
  • Vocabulary skills will be covered. How to tell a story for maximum effect and impact on the audience
  • The art of delivering a TED talk style speech will be the final assignment

Entertaining Speakers – Level 5

This set of classes is for students who have taken all previous levels, or students who have extensive experience with public speaking and advanced speaking skills.  The students will learn the art of inspiration and how to inspire the audience!

  • Learn the steps needed to inspire an audience?
  • Review and examine inspirational speakers and study their speech construction
  • The power of quotes and how to use them to enhance your message
  • How to build rapport with the audience
  • The final project is to deliver an inspirational speech to community leaders and youth


Elevating Job Interviews Skills

This workshop is perfect for the teenager job seeker or student looking to ace school interviews.  Our workshop has been designed by a former hiring manager. 

  • Students will learn how to answer interview questions effectively
  • How to prepare and dress for success
  • Tips on telephone screening
  • How to effectively use life experience to answer questions on a job interview

Enhancing Communication Skills

This workshop is perfect for those looking to improve their written and story telling skills. We will engage in creative writing and interpretive reading.

  • Students will write to a prompt each class developing their writing skills
  • How to develop interpretive reading of their writing, and other works
  • Discovering themes and tropes and how they can enhance the story

Spring Break Camp – Youth Entrepreneurs Championship

April 12-16, 2021

This camp is excellent for young entrepreneurs who would like to work on their elevator pitch, learn about a sales pipeline, create a digital presence, understand the financials of running a business.

  • Students will write & deliver an elevator pitch for their business idea.
  • How to develop a sales pipeline & social media profile.
  • Learn about the cost of running a business.
  • Prizes awarded in every category each week.

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