More Testimonials from Students

I have learned many things and improved my skills from the e3 public speaking lessons. Some of those skills I have improved are being less afraid while presenting something, and to think quicker on the spot.

A skill that I have gained from these lessons is how to handle a question I did not expect, which I feel is very important. This really helped me with the shark tank pitch, where I answered most of the questions. The shark tank activity was very fun and intriguing. It forced us to be more creative and to put our minds at work. The classes teach a lot while being very enjoyable and thought-provoking.

The activities like Off the Top really test our skill and creativity, which I like. I believe that the classes are great, and that Steve is doing a great job


All my time in public speaking has been a learning experience for me. At every class, I would gain some new knowledge about public speaking, for example, small talk, and online-calling etiquette. I have gained lots of skills and experience.

During my time at E3, I learned how to do impromptu speaking much better than I used to, and I also learned how to form speeches in presentations, and this can be useful later on in my life. The thing I love most about public speaking is that it is not too serious, there is often a lot of humor, and at many times, we joke around, which makes the class more fun. I also love ‘Off The Top’ sessions because it challenges me to hear about a random topic, and to turn into a speech/story in my head very quickly.


As a Student here, The experience and classes are enjoyable, interactive and fun. I would recommend.


As a student here for two years, I like the classes because they are very fun and I have certainly.


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