In Person Public Speaking and Leadership classes
Starting January 2023

Select from one of the free youth courses.

Emerging Speakers Level 2

Perfect for young speakers (ages 7-11) our Emerging Speakers Program will provide a solid foundation of public speaking skills

Students will learn how to write a logical and engaging presentation. We cover the importance of good word choices, how to hook your audience, and delivering a complete

We believe learning should be fun, students will become news reporters, story tellers and even host a demo talk

Each class features our “Off the Top” section where the students will learn to speak impromptu

Off the Top will improve their ability to answer questions in class, around the dinner table with family and friends

It all culminates with a showcase event where the students will present to
family and friends.

Engaging Leaders in the Community

NEW!!!! Offered for the first time, this set of classes blends public speaking with leadership. Students will learn about different types of leadership and how they apply to real-life settings.

Guest speakers will provide inspirational leadership lessons and students will have experiential learning by leading projects that benefit the community!

Students will learn:

Our students have lots of fun

90 Minutes

In-Person classes are for 90 minutes

Small Class Size

Our class sizes are kept small to allow for maximum participation

Personalized Feedback

We provide individual feedback to each student

In-Class Location

Bayview Hill Community Centre 

114 Spadina Road

Richmond Hill,

ON L4B 2Y9