Public Speaking + Online Presence = Engaging Audiences

The mission of e3 Toronto is to help youth improve their public speaking and communication skills. Through working with students to ELEVATE existing skills, students will become ELOQUENT speakers who can persuade and inspire others while being EMPOWERED to speak with confidence and passion.

Courses Offered

Youth Programs

Programs are available for all ages and can be tailored to your group, school, or company’s individual requirements. Programs can be private, semi-private, or workshop/classroom setting

Interview Preparation

We work with youth to prepare them for interviews. Whether it’s a school interview or job interview our facilitators can help your child prepare for the interview. A well prepared child is more likely to be accepted by the school or land that first job!

Youth Workshops

Our fun and highly interactive workshops allow our students to learn and grow as communicators. Whether it's pitching a business idea to "Sharks", or demoing how to make a favorite recipe, we believe in making the workshops very engaging. Workshops run for 4-6 weeks!"