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e3 Public Speaking

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Do you push yourself to try new things?  To step out into the uncomfortable world of a new experience?  As a speaker and teacher, we are always looking for ways to grow and develop. For the past 4 months our lead facilitator Steve Elliot, has been attending school.  Century Private School in Richmond Hill to be exact.  No Steve hasn’t gone back to learn new things, he has been going to school to teach students from Grade 3-8 in the fine art of public speaking.  Even though Steve has been teaching, he has grown and learned from the experience. 

Steve shared his thoughts as the classes wind down. “It has been great to be teaching at the school.  The students are engaged and really enjoying the classes.  Teaching in-person has been a thrill.  The challenge has been having larger class sizes than we have at e3 public speaking.”

E3 has always limited class sizes to allow for plenty of practice for our students, but also to allow our facilitator to provide specific feedback to the students.  In teaching at the school, the class size has been 20-30 students.  The larger classes have provided Steve with an opportunity to alter our content, without sacrificing any of the material.

Steve has welcomed the change for it has made him a better teacher.  “Trying to keep the attention of the class and to provide the content in new and exciting ways was a great challenge.  Some content needed to be tweaked in advance, other tweaks came in the moment.” Steve has really grown as a teacher and has learned more than he anticipated.

We look forward to a successful conclusion to our classes on May 18th.  We will return to the school next year and provide new classes and content.  “I am really excited about returning to the school and continuing to work with the students. I have already started creating new classes and curriculum. Proof that when you learn new things it inspires you to keep learning and developing your skills.”

This experience has also shown us that the teaching of public speaking is in high demand.  Our content and material have been well received and with our learning of classroom management, Steve has grown his skills as a teacher.  E3 public speaking would love to partner with other schools or groups.  The experience from Century Private School has strengthened our belief that our content and classes hold value for all students!