Engaging Youth Leaders In the Community

e3 Public Speaking

e3 Public Speaking

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Our newest club the Engaging Youth Leaders in the Community has been a wonderful experience for our youth leaders to develop their leadership and communication skills.  The group chose for it’s first community project to conduct an “Earth Day Park Clean Up”. The event will be held on Saturday April 22nd from 12:30p-3pm and will feature a clean-up, baked goods with proceeds going to a local environmental group, and a nature walk.

The members of the club range from 14-17 years of age and are busy making final preparations for the event.  The members have each been responsible for an aspect of the event and the planning.  Our members deliver a weekly report on their section of the project and field questions from the other members. Together the group has so far been able to create marketing, canvas local businesses to support the day, contacted government officials to gain civic support and shot a promotional video to be used to attract more interest.  

I have seen how the skills of our members have grown since the beginning of the club.  The members have to lead the discussion and answer questions from the group when delivering their reports.  The members have also learned delegation and how to accept accountability. 

We are excited to see you there at the forest on Saturday April 22nd from 12:30-3pm to help lend your support to a worthwhile cause, but also to support our youth leaders!