Change, Challenge and Commitment

e3 Public Speaking

e3 Public Speaking

Speak up to Stand out!

When we launched our business back in 2019 it was with the intention to do offer a different type of public speaking class. From our humble beginnings of teaching 6 students out of a shared office space in Richmond Hill, we have since taught children from all over the world. Whether you have been with us from the beginning or have recently joined our community, we are grateful to have you!  

Three years later and we can say that our classes continue to evolve and change to meet the needs of our clients.  During the pandemic we pivoted to teaching online.  This was a new skill not just for our students, but also our staff. 

As the pandemic has lessened, we saw a demand to return to classroom learning.  We have successfully returned to Richmond Hill, the city where we started our classes back in 2019. It was like coming full circle.  Our students embraced the return and showed us that there will always be a need to teach public speaking in an in-person class.  

We have recently added a trusted partner!  Century Private School in Richmond Hill approached us and invited us to teach their students the fine art of public speaking. We will be teaching at this institution for till May.  We feel blessed to have the opportunity to challenge ourselves and offer our classes thru this wonderful school.  

The return to in-person has reminded us of the foundational skills of delivering a presentation to an audience.

  1. Seek Out Feedback! Often our students aren’t aware of their bad habit, or even their good habits.  The same can be said for most people.  We are quick to spot opportunities in other presentations, but when it comes to our own we tend to ignore or not realize what we are doing. We encourage feedback in our classes.  This can make a big difference in the speed of improvement of our students.
  2. Be mindful! Once you have been provided feedback on our presentation, you will need to b